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Larry Rossi: Home


Welcome to my "Home" (page)

Larry Rossi's career as a music educator, professional musician, composer and thought-provoking lyricist spans 50 years. He has performed for many audiences large and small, ranging from college shows to house concerts, public gatherings, workshops, and even a few people at home. Larry’s unpretentious song-writing style is interspersed with life observations, humorous insights, and lessons learned from a lifetime of his dedication to teaching and music. In his own words:

"I have been writing songs for fifty years now. Unbelievable! I love it. Each song is like a child to me. Each one has its own sound, look and personality. Each one grows up following its own path. Some want to be rockers, others jazzers, still others country songs. I have never been able to stick to any one style of music. The songs themselves dictate the style, mood and message. And yes, I believe they should always have a message. I never start out saying I am going to write a particular type of tune. They just seem to develop into what they were meant to be.

I view every part and instrument that I add to an arrangement as something unique in itself. Each part or instrument "had" to be there, otherwise I would have taken it out. Each part can stand on its own and only fits the song that it was created for. I would like to think that you could pull one of my bass lines or guitar or trumpet parts for example, and KNOW which song it came from."

"....his tunes bring back enjoyable memories.....delightful "slices of life" .... music filled with faith, hope and love for God, family, friends, goals, gifts, dreams, careers.....his music is both insightful and thought provoking. He uses personal themes that are everything from deeply moving and serious to just plain ready to think and feel with an open mind and heart."      

Can a musician bring smiles, laughter, and tears to his audience all in the same evening? Singer-songwriter Larry Rossi does ... His songs are both entertaining and reflective. They touch his audience at all levels. For some, it’s pure entertainment; others, a fond memory; and still others, a connection with the divine. Whatever your response is, you will definitely walk away knowing Larry has a gift and a passion to share.                                            


I truly hope that you enjoy listening to my music. I always invite people to listen with headphones every once in a while. I really like putting some surprises in each of my songs and they may get missed unless you are wearing headphones. Please enjoy your visit to my site today and always. Please share my site and my music with your friends and family.